Kari Mirabal

Speaker. Leader. Innovator.

CLASSY YET SASSY this about sums me up

I’m a seasoned and award-winning speaker – a passionate leader with a proven track record for inspiring audiences to think differently. I cut my teeth in the networking arena as a former IT recruiter who once helped thousands of people find new careers. Now, I travel the globe helping hundreds of thousands of people explore how networking can change their lives too. I specialize in helping business professionals connect authentically. Experience has taught me many things – things I can’t wait to share with you!

WHAT MAKES ME EXCITED to jump out of bed

First and foremost, I am a proud mom. I aspire to raise smart, confident, and kind young men who value the importance of being contributions in this world. I work hard, when I am working, so I can enjoy more R&R with my family who I cherish. I’m one of those people that might make you roll your eyes because I talk nonstop about how much I love my career. Once I mastered the art of networking, it changed my life so I want to help others experience their own breakthroughs.

Then and Now Kari Mirabal Speaking

WELL BEHAVED WOMEN rarely make history

One of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe. In my presentations, I enjoy channeling others who I draw inspiration from so when you attend one of my keynotes, expect to laugh, cry and of course, hear more about the people who inspired me. Whatever it takes to help you learn and grow. I want to help my audiences eliminate uncomfortable conversations, awkward smiles, and self-doubt. I want my audiences to perceive networking not as a daunting task but instead, a powerful tool.

LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK here’s what I do

I have an appreciation for world travel, the company of great friends, and laughing so hard tears come out of my eyes. I spend too much free time binge watching Netflix, attending theater productions (I’m a former ballet dancer) and watching my kids play sports. My favorite color is orange, hence the heels I wear, and if someone said I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life – it would definitely be Mexican!

ORANGE HEELS black dresses – why?

The color orange radiates warmth, adventure and happiness.  I incorporated my favorite shade into the company brand to serve as a vibrant visual reminder of WHY I do the work I do – teaching people how to network smart.  My signature orange heels represent the importance passion plays in the workplace and how the power of a positive outlook can be life changing.  I’m on a mission to inspire others to stay motivated, consider the possibilities of networking and always look on the bright side of life!

At the top of Snowbird Mtn at 11,000 ft! So beautiful! #slc #ski #snowbirdskiresort

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