Career Dating

What Career Search and Your Love Life Have in Common

Career Dating: What Career Search and Your Love Life Have in Common

Awkward conversations, sweaty palms and that nervous feeling in your stomach are often acceptable commonplace when dating. However, exposing yourself to new career opportunities isn’t unique to just the romance department.  Often, roller coaster emotions and self-doubt plague individuals in the workplace just as they do in the dating world. Unfortunately, this mindset can halt productivity and result in people getting “stuck” professionally, perhaps resulting in years of being stagnant and hindering your own career (and company!).

Instead, take charge of your career and empower yourself with knowledge through this Career Dating keynote.  The long-term employment days are over, so it’s even more important to wield that power and grasp that knowledge as you move through your career.

Whether you’re interested in making the most of the career you already or you’re pondering a complete promotion, in-company title change or new experience altogether, this humorous approach to dating with career development will help prepare you for a better future.


Audience Takeaways


An Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this presentation, audience members will learn 5 ways an entrepreneurial mindset can help them land the career they’ve always wanted. The audience will hear how successful business people fall down then pick themselves back up in the ever evolving process of career development. Employees will learn how to use this mindset to get ahead in their career, and employers will get actionable tactics on how to cultivate this mindset in their team.

Creating a "ME-FILE"

No one is going to rescue you – you are responsible for your own career success. This presentation will talk about what a “ME-FILE” is, why it’s important, and how to use it to help advance your career. Explore innovative ways to ask for what you want in the workplace and ensure your passion is incorporated into the work you do everyday.

Overcoming Career Growth Barriers

Overcoming career growth barriers requires a mindset to get comfortable being uncomfortable in the workplace. This presentation breaks down barriers often associated with those who know how to get ahead vs. those who chose to wait for others to give them what they want. You’ll learn how to develop a customized career development plan-of-action that will help you increase your odds of getting a raise or promotion. eats.

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